Ion Beam

Introduction to the Ion Beam Lab

The Ion Beam Laboratory (IBL) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison houses a NEC 1.7 MV tandem accelerator. The accelerator is actively used for research aimed at advancing the science of radiation damage of materials including alloys, ceramics, and coatings. The accelerator is equipped with TORVIS and SNICS ion sources for enhanced capabilities and the samples temperature is monitored by thermocouples and IR camera. The system can presently accommodate two types of sample geometries: 3 mm TEM samples and bar samples; with irradiation area between 1.45 and 2.3 sq. cm. the facility is continually improved to meet the research needs of the scientific community involved in research on radiation damage of materials and other fundamental materials science research areas involving ion irradiation.

IBL is an integral part of the Nuclear Scientific User Facility (NSUF). We strongly encourage collaborations with other universities and institutions for ion irradiation experiments through the NSUF proposal process

Capabilites of the UW-Madison ion beam accelerator